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About the Company

Regula is the leading producer of expert devices for authenticating documents, banknotes and securities. We are known all over the world: our products and solutions are used by law enforcement experts from Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, South and North America. We are the only company providing complete high-quality analysis of security features that embraces three spheres:


  • Manufacturing devices for document authenticity control.
  • Developing software for operating these devices, processing, comparing and storing the obtained data.
  • Creating Information Reference Systems of travel documents, driving licenses and banknotes.


Since the 1990s, we have been producing compact and efficient devices having no analogues in the world.

About the Course

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Regula Questioned Document

Khanmy Forensics

About the Company

KhanmyForensics is a small company owned by Aita Khanmy and located in Switzerland. The company is specialized in forensic services such as forensic expertise, consulting and training. These three activities are focused on documents, its examination and protection.


The company is an active partner of Aman International LLC, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman as Aita Khanmy directs its Forensic and Specialized Services. Since 2010 Aman is providing courses in the field of document examination also together with the College of Banking and Financial Studies, Muscat.


Since more than 25 years Aita Khanmy is collaborating with Projectina for training assignments worldwide.

About the Course

Currency Verification

Worldwide the economic loss through counterfeit currency is increasing and amounts in
millions. Nowadays, currency especially banknotes are well protected but not fraud preserved
and subject to counterfeit. Currency counterfeit is a reality and shown in the worldwide annual
Central Bank statistics.
The verification of currency requires profound knowledge in anti-counterfeit technologies and
hi-tech production of banknotes. The present course gives the proficiency in the examination of
such secured documents.
Secure documents and security feature technologies are often not part of the syllabus of
document examination for BSc grade or even MSc grade. This 2 days course gives an
introduction to the nowadays currency protection features and their detection.

For detailed information on the company and courses, please contact SAT at:

Questionned Document Examination

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