Mobile Forensics (Online)

Trainer Company

About the Company

Cellebrite is a global company known for its breakthroughs in mobile data technology, delivering comprehensive solutions for mobile data forensics and mobile lifecycle management.


The company’s advanced solutions for mobile lifecycle offer Operators, Retailers and Aftermarket Service (AMS) Providers with advanced solutions to enhance the customer experience, increase revenue, improve satisfaction, and reduce cost.


Cellebrite’s global leadership is demonstrated through its deployment of over 150,000 units at more than 200 mobile operators and retailers globally, representing well over 100,000 stores handling hundreds of millions of transactions per year.

About the Course

By taking the courses available in this track, the participants will learn competency with industry leading digital forensics tools, how to effectively apply fundamental forensics principles, practice correct methodologies in order to accurately analyze and validate extraction results and produce evidence that will stand up in court.


*To find out the available courses and to register, please visit the company’s website:

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