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About the Company

KhanmyForensics is a small company owned by Aita Khanmy and located in Switzerland. The company is specialized in forensic services such as forensic expertise, consulting and training. These three activities are focused on documents, its examination and protection.


The company is an active partner of Aman International LLC, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman as Aita Khanmy directs its Forensic and Specialized Services. Since 2010 Aman is providing courses in the field of document examination also together with the College of Banking and Financial Studies, Muscat.


Since more than 25 years Aita Khanmy is collaborating with Projectina for training assignments worldwide.

About the Course

Handwriting Identification: Facts and Fundamentals

Handwriting identification is now a sufficiently aged and und universally engaged practice. A certain consistency in the methodology, language, demeanor, and thinking of those who pursue it should be expected. The same question should elicit the same response. The same terminology should describe the same subject. The same examination should consider the same evidence. In fact, they don’t. The result should be evaluated in the same manner. In fact, they aren’t.


This course fills the need for a forensic approach to the matter, the interpretation of the results and findings and the conclusion. In the field of handwriting examination, the level of wrong conclusions is high as well as unqualified experts. This course aims to give a solid basis in the field of handwriting analysis.

For detailed information on the company and courses, please contact SAT at: info@sat.ae

Handwriting Identification

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