Fingerprint Retrieval (CERA LT & HPS)

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About the Company

Consolite Forensics is an innovative new company established to exploit new technologies in the world of forensic science. Consolite Forensics has already brought to market two revolutionary new products that are transforming their respective fields.


In 2010 Consolite began working with Dr John Bond, the inventor of the CERA process, and the technique was developed into a complete system to automate the development of fingerprints on cartridge casings, with fully integrated image capture and enhancement.


This was the start of Consolite Forensics. Since then the original CERA has been redeveloped into a new optical device now called CERA LT which is capable of enhancing and capturing even the most difficult prints from curved surfaces e.g. cartridge casings, cigarettes, syringes, lipsticks etc. A second unique system called HPS has also been brought to market. HPS, the Hot Print System, is already helping agencies world-wide in developing fingerprints on thermal paper such as till receipts. A series of further product launches is planned for the coming months and years.

About the Course

The course will give students the knowledge to be able to operate the CERA LT system and
accompanying software, in order to recover prints from curved surfaces and apply enhancements to maximize their chance of producing an identifiable print.
A final module will be given to using the HPS, however no training is required for this system
other than a presentation and demonstration.

For detailed information on the company and courses, please contact SAT at:

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