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About the Company

The objective of EUDARTS Group is to create a specialized portfolio of electronics solutions that’s tailored to specific European and Middle East customers and police requirements, with seamless integration into the vehicle electronics.
We also are developing a EUDARTS Group CDR Trainer program. In this program the EUDARTS Group
have train two public/private trainers from 30 European / Middle East countries. These trainers will start giving the Analysts Course to the public/private investigators in their own countries in their own language. The EUDARTS Group will carry out the examination, registration and certification for both; the Technician and the Analyst course.

About the Course

CDR Technician Course

This training course offers the crash investigator insight into the operational function of the Bosch Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) System. At the end of this training, a Technician is expected to image and preserve data in a format such that the “CDR Data Analyst” would be able to use the collected data together with situational complete reconstruction.

CDR Technician CourseCDR Analyst Course

CDR Technician Course

The CDR Data Analyst course offers the collision analyst a complete insight into the function of the automobile Event Data Recorder (EDR) function or subcomponent, its history and evolution as well as expanded interpretation skills enabling the application of a Bosch Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) Tool generated report to a situational complete crash reconstruction.

For detailed information on the company and courses, please contact SAT at:

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