The PALADIN ®  – a fully mobile, fully independent and fully equipped laboratory for IT-forensic investigations on wheels!


With this vehicle you will always have your acquisition hardware, analysing software and workstations on board, to find, collect, save and analyse evidence.


IT-forensic, Intrusion Detection, eDiscovery and Data Recovery can be professionally applied in difficult environments like undercover investigations or in conflict areas.


With a built-in Rack-Server, including massive storage capabilities, you have all the network based possibilities available, including Data- and Email- analysis and Password Recovery.


  • Truck base from 4,5 t to 40 t possible
  • Up to twelve workplaces with workstations, screens, writeblockers, etc.
  • Rack mounted server
  • Rack mounted storage
  • Independent network with optional WIFI
  • Network- and mobile phone intrusion detection
  • Mobile phone forensics
  • CD- DVD- BluRay- robot
  • Duplex document scanner & printer
  • Meeting table with a 42″ screen
  • Internet connection via satellite or GSM/UMTS
  • Integrated current AC generator
  • Own batteries to supply the truck with power for up to 8 hours
  • Kitchen and restroom


Hardware possibilities:

  • AntAnalyzer
  • TreCorder
  • ForensicCube
  • NUIX PAN / MEGA / PRO Server
  • GeCo
  • SpyGetty
  • OctaGraph
  • Tableau TD2u/TD3 Kit For. Duplicator mit TDP Multipack
  • Tableau Superkit
  • CellCube / Oxycube for mobile forensics
  • Paraben Mobile Kit
  • ICE Bay – HDD Kühler


Software possibilities:

  • EnCase
  • Nuix
  • Passware
  • Videntifier
  • Belkasoft
  • Internet Evidence Finder
  • CD/DVD Inspector
  • Elcomsoft
  • P2 Commander
  • Network E-Mail Examinier
  • And even more…


36 Month Warranty  &  Made in Germany

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