About Us

Scientific Analytical Tools

SAT is proud to be serving a vast range of fields in both the government and the private sectors. A few fields worth mentioning are:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Health & Medical Authorities
  • Finance
  • Quality Control
  • Defense/Military
  • Border Security
  • Transportation (Air, Land & Sea)
  • Academia
  • Forensics &
  • Life Sciences

SAT’s scope of services has broadened greatly over the years. In addition to supplying, servicing and maintaining scientific tools, SAT also designs and constructs labs for a variety of organizations and institutions. In addition to that, we have recently launched a Training Program for students that involves Certified Trainings in different fields of Forensic Science.


SAT’s main focus is in the Forensic Science Field, although, it also deals with general scientific lab equipment for various other fields.

Scientific Analytical Tools

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